Team Members


Robert Van Domselaar, PhD

Karolinska Institutet

Research Theme: Immunological aspect of viral replication control in HIV-1 positive elite controllers.


Doctoral Students:

Mr. Duncan T Njenda

Karolinska Institutet – Stellenbosch University Double Degree Program 03/2016 – present
Partially supported by Karolinska Institutet Doctoral (KID) Grant
Research Theme: High throughput system biology approach to identify resistance mechanisms against protease inhibitors in South African HIV-1C patients.


Mr. Wang Zhang

Karolinska Institutet- Royal Institute of Technology joint Doctoral Education Programme in Medical Technology 10/2015 – present
Supported by The China Scholarship Council (CSC)
Research Theme: High throughput detection, isolation and molecular analysis study of the HIV-1 latent reservoir


Mr. Shambhu Prasad G Aralaguppe

Karolinska Institutet
Partially supported by Karolinska Institutet Doctoral (KID) Grant
Research Theme:  Role of viral evolution for HIV-1 subtype C fitness, host-reactivity and therapeutic response


Research Assistant 

Mr. Anoop T Ambikan

Karolinska Institutet
Research Theme: Development of multi-omics bioinformatics pipeline to integrate genomics, transcriptomics proteomics, and metabolomics.


Master Student

Ms. Maike Sperk
Molecular Medicine, Tübingen University, Germany

Research Theme: A high throughput proteomics to identify the role of plasma soluble factor in HIV-1 positive elite controllers


Visiting Researcher

Mr. Ashokkumar Manickam

UK HIV Research Trust Fellow

PhD Student, Department of HIV/AIDS, National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis (NIRT), Chennai, India

Research Theme: To understand the biological features of HIV-1 transmitted founder viruses (TF viruses) that are capable of establishing infection in the host, and the molecular mechanisms involved in the host-viral interaction during the early stages of HIV infection.



Master Students


Mr. Abu Bakar Siddik

Molecular Biotechnology, University of Skövde (06/2015- 08/2016).
Title:  Role of HIV-1 subtype C Gag p6 PYKE insertion in viral pathogenesis
Present Address: Graduate student (PhD), Medical Microbiology Department, University of Manitoba, Canada.
Publication from the lab:
Aralaguppe SG, Siddik AB, Manickam A, Ambikan AT, Kumar MM, Fernandes SJ, Amogne W, Bangaruswamy DK, Hanna LE, Sonnerborg A, Neogi U (2016) Multiplexed next-generation sequencing and de novo assembly to obtain near full-length HIV-1 genome from plasma virus. J Virol Methods 236:98-104 [PMID: 27448822]

Md. Monzur Morshed

Cell and Molecular Biology Uppsala University, (04/2016-10/2016)
Title:  Genetic characterization of HIV-1 subtypes using near full-length genome sequencing and antibody profiling of HIV-1 proteome
Present Address:  Phd Student, University of Queensland, Australia
Publication from the lab:
Zhang W, Morshed MM, Noyan K, Russom A, Sönnerborg A, Neogi U (2017) Quantitative humoral profiling of the HIV-1 proteome in elite controllers and patients with very long-term efficient antiretroviral therapy. Sci Rep. 7(1):666. [PMID: 28386076]


Ms. Mira Akber

Uppsala Graduate School in Biomedical Research (UGSBR), Uppsala University, 08/2016 – 06/2017
Title: Role of Peroxiredoxin II and ICAM3 as biomarker in NK and DC mediated HIV-1 infection

Research Internship

Md Shanawazur Rahman, Infectious Disease Control, Sodertorns Hogskola, Sweden (04/2016 – 08/2016)

Mr. Philipp Kalus, Vrije Universiteit, Brussel (VUB), The Netherlands, 02/2017 to 05/2017