News from Lab


Congratulations to Abu Bakar Siddik for his paper acceptance in Scientific Reports. The work is part of his master thesis in our group.

Neogi U, Siddik AB, Kalaghatgi P, Gisslén M, Bratt G, Marrone G, Sonnerborg A. (2017) Recent increased identification and transmission of HIV-1 unique recombinant forms in Sweden. Sci Rep. (Accepted)


Congratulations to Mr. Wang Zhang who received the KTH Innovation Challenge BIOTECH 2017 for his PhD study who is working on developing new biomarkers panel and corresponding companion detection kits for a personalized HIV-1 diagnosis tool. This will be used to help clinicians to get information about HIV patient early classification, disease progression prediction and will result in a precision therapy plan, which could increase the benefits for both of the patients and society.

Read about that in “One step closer to Heal, Fuel and Clean the World!”



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